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Top Mac Apps for Students

These days it is impossible to imagine a studying process without a heavy reliance on modern technologies, especially on laptops. It can replace you a notebook, printed books, translators and anything else you can think of, really. Fortunately, the tech world is keen on constant progress mode. Thus, your Mac always has something new to offer. As a student, you can appreciate any little piece of help you can get. So here is our take on top Mac apps for students.


Manuscripts is there to turn your usual academic writing into a work of art. The app is a word processor developed specifically for students. This means that Manuscripts, besides fulfilling the basic features of any online editor, such as checking your grammar and spelling, can also review your footnotes, references, and annotations. This feature makes it unbelievably easy to proofread and edit your academic papers. The app’s design is quite intuitive, so you won’t have to second guess where the needed functions and settings are. You can also set the Manuscripts to check the style requirements, which will make your editing a much easier process. Basically, you can ask this app “can you do my homework for me?” and the answer to that will be a hard “Yes”.

MacFly Pro

MacFly Pro is the must-have of every student. This application helps you get rid of unnecessary and useless stuff on your laptop. Yep, that’s its whole purpose and it could not be more important than that. Students are known for their messiness, especially when it comes to their devices. There are tons of old paper drafts, class schedules kept from high school, and an ocean of old photos that ought to be buried in clouds a long time ago. What MacFly Pro does, is detecting all that junk and removing it from your overloaded disk. Mac can’t brag about large disk capacity, so don’t make it even harder for the poor thing.

iStudiez Pro

Speaking about the piles of files, iStudiez Pro prevents you from getting lost in all the stuff you keep on your laptop. The app is an organizer that can manage to regroup your files and create easy search options. It has a very minimalistic and intuitive interface that is very satisfying to use. iStudiez Pro will put all your essays, schedule files, exams dates, etc., in order, so you won’t have to waste your precious time on tracking them down. The app can also sync across all your Apple devices, which is pretty convenient.


Magnet is the true treasure box for all the multitaskers out there. The app allows you to arrange your desktop in any way you prefer it. Now you can open up several windows at once and place them on your desktop in a way that fits all your needs or wants best. The app also allows you to lock windows in places for future use. Moreover, Magnet comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that facilitates your work in-between different applications.

To Conclude

Being a student is a tough job. At times, it can even feel as overbearing and too confusing. Though, once you have found your perfect studying style, everything can fall into place. The use of the right applications is definitely one of those things that can help. So go ahead and give it a try. You will be surprised how little adjustments it takes to make a whole lot of progress.